Friday, 24 October 2014

GRWM | Date Night

Are you alrrrighty my loves?

Hope you are! I'm just checking on you guys, and keeping my promise of writing a lot more on the blog! Getting into that blogger life, yo! Tomorrow there will be an exciting post, that a lot of people (ok, maybe like a few people) have requested! But it's a surprise... Uuhh, i'm such a teaser! Stay tuned.

Anyway, that super big photo, at the top of this post, is a representation of the outfit I wore recently, for my boyfriend's birthday. Uurgh, can't wait for my hair to grow past my chichis... Or boobies, if you're not into that kind of slang.

I filmed a whole Get Ready With me for the occasion, like you do. I'll leave the video down below, don't worry. You know you want it! I'm just too fabulous for you to say no! Pshh, don't say anything... Just agree with me...

Also, we are past 500 subscribers! That's so crazy and overwhelming! I know it may not sound like much, but to me it means the world, and I treasure each and every one of my internet family members :) If you're one of them, thank you so much, and just know that when times got a little harder, you guys were one of the reasons I had to help me get back on my feet.

But enough cheesiness, here's the video, and stay awesome and gorgeous, like I know you are!

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