Sunday, 26 October 2014


Hello Loves!

Here we are again! So today I bring you my updated Makeup Geek collection, with all the swatches your heart may desire.
This has been a requested post actually, people ask me what I think about the products, how it is with shipping, if it is worth it... So, today, I'll try to answer these questions as best as I can.

But before I let you know what my thoughts are, lets get in touch with the goodies. Above are all the MUG eyeshadows I own. They come in Pan form, which means they don't have a container, they are magnetic so you can store them in a palette, like the one you see above. Mine is from Make Up For Ever, but you can buy something like a Z-palette, though they are overly priced in my opinion.

Now for me, this is a good thing, because this allows me to customise, and also I'm not a big fan of single eyeshadows. Too much clutter, too much space and not very practical. This way I can look at all the colors at once, which helps when I'm trying to think of a look. Now let's look at the swatches, even though I don't think the light is doing those colors any justice.

Bottom row, right to left we have:

Shimma Shimma; Peach Smoothie; Creme Brulê; Homecoming; Cosmopolitan; Goddess; Cocoa Bear; Cupcake; Mango Tango.

And here are the swatches in the same order:

Middle row, right to left we have:

Burlesque; Sensuous; Lemon Drop; Fuji; Sea Mist; Envy; Mermaid; Neptune; Nautica.

Swatches in the same order:

Top row, right to left we have:

Mercury; Graphite; Corrupt; Bitten.

Swatches in the same order:

These eyeshadows retail for $5.99, which is about 4.7 €. Qualitywise, I compare them to MAC. Last time I checked, MAC eyeshadows were double the price, so there's my answer to "Are they worth it?". Yes, yes they are. If I'm to think in terms of price/quality, they might very well be the best eyeshadows I've ever tried.

I also have a few pigments. Some makeup artists don't like working with them, I think they are lots of fun. Here is my little collection of MUG pigments.

From left to right:

Insomnia; Vegas Lights; Utopia; Afterglow; Enchanted.

Swatches in the same order:

Aren't they prreeety?! Yes, they are! These retail for $6.99, or 5.50 €. Again, very affordable.
And nowadays the Makeup Geek brand also has blushes, and brushes, and eyeliners. I've never tried them, but I've heard great reviews, so I think the conclusion is, that if you're looking for some great quality, affordable, makeup, Makeup Geek is a brand to consider.

Finally, for all my non Americans awesome readers, we have to consider shipping. I'm from Portugal, so I'll talk about what is the deal here. Shipping to Portugal was around $9.00 last time ordered (7 €). I pay with Paypal, and I've never had a problem. Everything arrives in perfect condition and, it would always arrive on time, if it was not for customs. Ah, the dreaded customs... If they only knew how much I've bad-mouthed them.

In Portugal, if you order something that costs more than 50 €, and that is including shipping, your package will most likely end up stuck on customs. Which means it can take up to two months for it to arrive, and you also have to pay an additional 23% of the whole order (yes, including shipping).

This is where you have to be smart about it, and do some math. It might be worth it to split your order into two, smaller, orders, since shipping is not that expensive. So let's say you have a $70 shopping cart, you would split it into two of $35. Yes, you would pay twice for shipping, but you would have your goodies in like, two weeks, and you wouldn't have to pay the additional tax.

Anyway, I hope this was very enlightening. I'll leave the link for the Makeup Geek store down below. Also, everything that was mentioned in this post was bought with my own money, so no sponsorship here.

That's it for today guys, stay awesome and gorgeous!


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