Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Fashion Online Shopping Guide


So today (I totally feel I start all my posts with 'Hey! So...' Strong writing skills!) But anyway, today I needed to do some grocery shopping (cooking the most amazing dish right now! Gee... So many skills) so I went to the supermarket. The problem is, the supermarket is right next to the mall! And why is that a problem, you may ask... It's a problem because I can´t spend any more money until Christmas (*sight*). However I did take a little detour. And I did manage to leave empty handed, it took all my willpower, but I did it! I even tried out a pair of pants that I liked quite a lot, and left them behind! (Not without snuggling with them for an extra minute in the changing room *blush*)

Therefore, now I must soothe my weeping heart (there were so many cute Christmas decorations that I wanted). And I thought what better way than to talk about shopping. Online shopping that is! Because, sometimes, the real deal isn´t enough.

I actually have a few Portuguese ones, not that many unfortunately. They are:

Mau Feitio - I hold them responsible for my recent creepers obsession. It's a little expensive, but they do have some pretty cool brands that are not easy to find, at least in Portugal, like Jeffrey Campbell. Also the clothes have a uniqueness to them. However, if you can, visit the actual shop, in Coimbra, I think it's better than the online version. They ship internationally.

Zilian - Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! I still remember when I started getting the Zillian journal with Vogue. Anyway, they do have some really cool shoes and I think that's all there is to say. They only ship to Portugal and Spain however.

Showroomprive - I gotta say I never ordered anything from this one, but I'm very curious about it. It works in a peculiar way. They announce sales that will go on for a certain period of time, you can even see the pieces beforehand, so you can have an idea of what you want. This is because the items carry discounts up to 70%, and thus may go fast. They sell everything, from housewares to makeup, and carry brands like Dolce&Gabbana and dr. brandt. Very interesting.

Now, the UK... a lot more choices. The joy...

Asos - Maybe the most famous. A lot of brands, a lot of different styles, a wide range of prices. The site has their own brand, which is usually cheaper, and the quality is not bad. The best thing about them, besides variety, is that shipping is free worldwide. I think no one likes to pay for shipping -.-'' They also do a lot of campaigns and sales. Another thing, they now have a marketplace, where you can find young designers, second hand items and vintage. Asos definitely has a place on my heart.

Missguided - If you are in a budget this one is better than Asos, at least you won't fall in love with a 300£ coat. They have a lot to choose from, and also carry free international shipping.

David and Goliath - With this one all I can say is go to the site and see what I'm talking about.

Then of course you have the online sites of places like Selfridges and Harrods.

On to the other side of the world. Australia! This one has a big disadvantage, depending on the country you may have problems withs customs. My last order was kept by customs for a whole month, and I had to send my ID and the receipt. Then of course I had to pay taxes, 23% over the price I payed.

Saboskirt - Don't know if they are worth all the trouble but they sure have a lot of cute things, a lot of pastel colours, and beachy vibes.

Last but not least the US. Same disadvantage as Australia for me. But sometimes one has to endure the adversities.

Modcloth - "Cute, Vintage-Style, Retro & Indie Cloth, Shoes & Decor" is their motto and they couldn't be more right. I could probably spend all my money on Modcloth, and I'm sure that if I lived in the US, my wardrobe would have a lot more from them that it has now, because you do have to pay for shipping, and they are not exactly cheap. But cute as biscuit.

Nasty Gal - This one is more on the edgy, trendy, sexy side. If you are a It Girl, than you will love this one. Home to a lot of crop tops, and Jeffrey Campbell's, you will find the latest trends (and also shiny disco pants).

Urban Outfitters - Huge brands in the US, they now also ship to Portugal. Still haven't ordered from them, but I've been taking a look through their pages and there is a couple of items that I have my eyes on (maybe when I have money again -.-')

And that's it, manged to finish this post without adding anything to any shopping cart! Mission accomplished!

Hope you are having a nice week!

Stay Gorgeous!


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