Saturday, 2 November 2013

All I Want For Christmas is... A Thigh Gap?

Well, first let me apologise for not posting in the last couple of days. Unfortunately for this next month I don't think I will be able to do as many posts and two youtube videos a week, because I need to focus on getting my drivers license (boring but necessary -.-'')

Now, onto the post. While being productive on the Internet (*cough*wastingtimeontwitter*cough*) I came across a comment of a girl asking "How did you get the thigh gap?" on a photo another girl posted. Being the curious person that I am I immediately googled it. Guess what? It seems to be a huge trend among young girls. I was mindblown with all the blogs that came up!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. For all of you that don't know what a thigh gap is, well, first let me tell you that you were not missing on anything. A thigh gap is exactly what the name says, a gap between your inner thighs. And apparently, if you don't have it, then you should start throwing the cookies away, get off your lazy ass and start jogging for your life. Also, keep a little sugar at hand for when you feel like fainting.

This thigh gap thing is actually one of the most stupid things I've ever heard, because it has a lot to do with bone structure. There are people that don't need to be skinny to have it, and then there's people that would need to reduce their legs to nothing. And it's only one more thing for women to obsess about and destroy their self-esteem and sometimes health because of it. Especially young girls nowadays, with all the social platforms, it's not about comparing yourself to the popular girl at school anymore, it's about comparing yourself to hundreds of "oh so perfect" girls all over the world.

 And with the thigh gap search comes key words like thinspiration, pro-ana and pro-mia, blogs dedicated to inspirational quotes, photos and tips on getting thinner, anorexia and bulimia. So, people suffering from eating disorders, now can go on the internet and hear praise and encouragement to keep doing something that is hurting them.

Here are some tips from one of those blogs:

  • Chewing ice cubes when you are hungry: entertains your mouth.
  • The thinner you are, the more people will notice you, want you, be jealous of you... 
  • If you hear your stomach making noises and you want it to stop, place a hot bottle of water on your tummy.
  • Make up all kinds of allergies (e.g. lactose intolerance).
And so on... Now, I am not in any way saying that being fat is the right thing either, I think people should try to be fit and healthy, while feeling good about themselves. And I know that this sometimes can be difficult because, even though I never had any disorder of any kind (some might disagree), and never wanted to get thinner, being a perfectionist, it was so much easier for me to find flaws and there were moments they would be the only thing I saw. But makeup taught me that is actually better to enhance the good, instead of concealing the bad.

So definitely do that, relax and enjoy life. I will not even try to say that those flaws you see are only in your head, I know it's not worth it, but try to be more relaxed about them, and maybe one day you will realise you don't even see them anymore.

And as for the thigh gap, if you have it, good for you, if you don't, good for you also. Oh and Santa, if you are reading this, I don't really want a thigh gap, when you have the time, I've been writing my list. It's short, I swear! *wink wink*


Stay gorgeous!



  1. Dear Vanessa.
    I'm really glad to read your inspiring blog. I mean, since the world refused the people who has height under 165 cm or weight over 60 kg this world such a horrifying place for the people like me to live. And unwittingly its going to be the mass bullying for the people like me. Hopefully there still a people who would like to think wisely and rationally like you.
    Thank so much

    1. Aw thank you =D I try my best to put the message out there. And I know it can be hard sometimes, but don't ever let bullies put you down gurrl!