Thursday, 7 November 2013

MUFE Makeup Course (Another One)


Hope you all had a wonderfullicious Thursday (is that even a word?)! I am soooo tired -.-'' Had a whole day at the MUFE makeup course, and on top of that it was raining. I'm like a cat you see, rain drains me of energy... But moving on!

Today was smokey eye again but a different shape, with a wing. The makeup artist performed two different looks, with different techniques, both on the eye and skin, and he also talked about contouring.

We, however, only did the eyes so we could practice without loosing time with the skin, since we will have a whole day only about skin.

Here is one of my works (only the left eye) in a beautiful model and colleague (^.^) (was not very inspired today =s... gotta be the rain... The only thing I could think of, was making a burrito of myself, with a blanket, and sleep)

Well, that is it for today... I will definitely film tomorrow, so stay tuned!
 Big Internet hug and sleep tight!

Stay Gorgeous!


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