Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Gift Guide For Him

Hello there lovelies!

What a long time it has been, and for most of it I have no excuse for my absence from the blogosphere (shame on me!) I almost feel like George R.R. Martin, except I was not writing a one thousand and something pages novel, just being a potato couch and probably the less productive human being on earth. But lets move on, the past is in the past!

If you haven't noticed it's that time of the year again, the time when we get together with all our loved ones and share the love, and also the gifts you have been wanting for the last 3 months to get (or else that bitches can take their love somewhere else). The time when, it doesn't matter where you go, you will be haunted with endless Christmas tunes (it's always more fun to buy toilet paper at sound of jingle bells). It's also the time when your kids ask for everything they want (and even what they don't want) because it's a bearded old man who will pay the bill. It's Christmas!!! Yey!

Anyway, I'm just kidding. I actually love Christmas, it's my favourite holiday (and not because of the gifts). I love everything about it, the family, the smells, my little cousin joy, when it's time to unwrap the presents! And I wanted to do a post about it, but I was not sure if I should do a gift guide, because everyone is so different. But anyway, since I think I'm not so bad at giving presents, I will share some ideas. And why 'For Him', you may ask? Because I think it's a lot more difficult to get something for a man, than for a woman, at least when you don't have a big budget. I can always think of something for my mom, but for my dad... -.-'' So let's get on with it!

  • New Experiences - And what do I mean by 'New Experiences'? A few Christmas ago I offered my boyfriend a tandem skydive jump (and it was not that expensive). I planned everything carefully so he wouldn't suspect a thing, and one day we went for a drive and SURPRISE! You're going to jump from a plane!!! But if your boyfriend/dad/brother/man in your life, is not into the crazy, putting your life in danger, stuff, there are other things like, swimming with dolphins for example. I did that some years ago, and it's still one of the best experiences ever. It may turn into something he will never forget.

  • Technology - Men are just big boys playing with bigger toys (sometimes not bigger but almost always more expensive). I think almost every man loves his gadgets. For this Christmas the creme de la creme of this category is either the PS4 or the XBox1, if you have the money it's a no brainer, you just have to figure out on which team he is, because it can turn into a disaster if you go for the wrong one. But everything, from tablets to an iphone controlled paper plane (most useless thing ever) should make them happy.

  • Fashion - If you have a fashionista at home, or simply if you want to offer something that you know will be useful, a nice piece of clothing might be the answer. But make sure you know the person well enough, it can be tricky to buy clothes for someone else. And if you are thinking of dropping some money, then go for key pieces, like a nice, good quality, coat, or perfect fitting trousers, something that he will be able to wear in a lot of different occasions. Still in this category, you can also go for a wallet, a manly wallet. One of those black leather, sturdy, wallets. Or a watch, if your budget allows it. Every man should own a nice wallet and nice watch (and a perfect fitted black suit, but that's another talk)

  • Lifestyle - If the subject of your gift (subject... that's adorable) is found of music, you can go for a vinyl. Because, even if he will not use it that often, it's always special to have the vinyl of an artist he really likes. Then you also have books, those however can be more tricky. But if you know the person, it can make a wonderful gift. Amazon is my favourite spot to buy books, as you can find titles that are not available in bookshops. But make sure to put some thought  into it, and don't just buy any book. The last one I offered was Mein Kampf, to someone that loves to read about World War II.

  • DIY - Last but not least, you don't need a lot of money to offer a nice gift, only imagination (and some skill with the hands). I already did a token box, mine had inside small tokens with different actions written on them, so that you can take one from the box without looking, and then you give it to the other person, that has to do the action on it (like for example 'Massage'). Or you can draw a portrait and get it framed...

So there you have it. Off course there are tons of other stuff you can give, I just rambled about things that I like to buy as a gift.

Now that I look at the post I realise it's a little on the long side... (sight) I can't help myself... But it's Christmas, so I shall be forgiven (^.^). Anyway, time to go, because it's almost one o'clock in the afternoon and I'm still in my pyjamas.

Stay Gorgeous!


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