Monday, 6 January 2014

2013 in Review

Hey there little squirrels!

So... 2014... I'm getting old (sight)... But anyway, how was your NYE? Hope it was amazing! This year I ditched the glamour, and the 10 minutes long fireworks, for a house in the countryside. Sounds fancy, right? It was really not that fancy, but it was fun, with all the friends reunited around a fireplace, which is a very important thing to have, at least if you're like me and can't stand the cold!

I can't say 2013 was a super good year for me, but it was an important year. For most of it I was in Cambridge, doing my Master's Thesis. Back in 2012, when I received the email saying I was chosen to go I was happy, and I knew my parents would be proud. But it ended up being really bad. I didn't like my project and I was miserable. Also, I was away from everyone I cared about, and from my dog, and England is very different from Portugal in pretty much everything (I don't say this in a bad way, it's just different from what I was used to). On the bright side I did meet a lot of really cool people.

But eventually it was over and I returned home, turned in my thesis, did my oral presentation and voila, I was done with University. I finally had my Master degree and for the first time in my life I didn't have a plan. I could do anything!

So I got enrolled in a MUFE professional makeup course, which I finished this December. I feel it was the first step towards being able to do what I really love! Makeup and beauty!

I also started this blog, and a youtube channel, which for me was massive, because I'm quite shy and anxious about public exposure.

For this new year I just hope it will be better than this last one. For you guys I hope it turns out to be the best year so far, and that all your dreams and hopes come true. If you are someone who makes NY resolutions, I hope you can stick to them, and if not... well... you can make new resolutions anytime you like.

Don't let anyone put you down and always follow your dreams! Believe me, that's the best advice I can give. Now I think I will end the motivational/emotional speech =)

Stay Gorgeous!


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  1. Vanessa, first of all, let me wish you an amazing year! I am sure that 2013 was not your best year (although you are always at your best), but, as you said, it was the year that allowed you to think more about yourself and about your future perspectives and what you really want.
    Hopefully, Iemanj√° will be by your side throughout 2014 and, no matter what, be proud about yourself and your choices. I am truly proud of you (you know I am a huge fan of you) and I am sure that everyone who cares about you fells the same.

    Gossip Boy (naaaaaa, just Tiago, the sambista).