Friday, 17 January 2014

Fitness Blues

Hello beauties! (yes, no cute animals today)

Are you ready for a little heart to heart with some fitness involved?

So, like so many people out there, I deal with anxiety. I don't think it's that severe in my case, but it does come through sometimes, and it has been worse lately. Like, a month or so ago, I had a huge crisis and I spent an entire day in bed, alone, in complete darkness, no eating, no nothing, with random urges to cry. Fun times...

Another symptom is my unwillingness to do anything that involves leaving the house, unless I really have to. I can always find things to clean and organise to avoid going outside (still I swear I am quite normal, really, I swear). This, off course, affected my fitness routine. I can do cardio at home with an Insanity video, but it's not quite the same, and for weight lifting there's no replacement.

I've been missing some days, which really annoys me, because when I think back, when I was in England, I wouldn't miss a day, even with rain, snow, freezing cold, whatever... So where did all that motivation went? Don't know, but it definitely took some vacations, and I need it back asap!

The result is that I lost weight, which again, annoys me! (I'm a very annoyed person right now) I actually started going to the gym, 6 years ago, because I wanted to gain some weight in a healthy way, and it was not easy! So obviously I don't want to see it go!

Right now I have 66 cm for my waist and 94 cm for my butt, so the plan is to keep the waist, but I want to increase on the legs a little bit. But for that I need to get my focus again! Today was raining like hell, but I mind slapped myself, got into my rain boots and forced myself to go! I felt so happy afterwards... Lets see how it goes... Now that I have written about it, I can't fail publicly =3

And that's it for today. Have the bestest weekend =)

Stay Gorgeous!


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