Monday, 28 October 2013

Get Your Hat On!


So, lately I've been finding myself looking with more attention to the hats available in accessories sections all over the mall.
It's not a new love, I've been fond of hats since... well... ever! They can protect your head from the sun during Summer and keep it warm during winter, they can be stylish, classy, edgy, or even full on masterpieces.

Long gone is the time when women would take hat shopping seriously, and at home they would keep them in their nice cases so nothing bad would happen. Now, in Portugal people are not that keen on buying hats, maybe because they are afraid it would look weird, or they don't know with what to use them. Also, there are so many different kinds...

But anyway, I am in favour of bringing the hat back, and my current favourites are the floppy hat and the bowler hat (very Orange Clockwork of me)

The floppy hat:

The bowler hat:

Both from Nastygal...

Hope you had a lovely Monday!

Stay Gorgeous!


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