Friday, 11 October 2013

MUFE Makeup Course


Yesterday I had another (very informative) makeup class. I felt like my brain couldn't absorb more information.

The makeup artist performed a natural yet flawless look and a softer eye look. While he was doing the makeup he would explain why he was doing what he was doing, the do's and dont's, tips, etc...

Some examples

-After applying moisturizer, one should wait at least 20 minutes before going with the makeup, he sometimes waits up to one hour! In a job where doesn't exist that kind of time (probably most of them), he cleans the face with a tonic and goes immediately with the primer.

-Foundations like face and body have volatile oils, and when they evaporate the color goes a little bit darker, so when in doubt choose a lighter color.

-The foundation should be tried in the chest area, near the collar bone, in the front, that will give the most accurate match, due to how the light hits.

-Don't apply foundation in the direction of the little face hair, apply on the opposite direction, because if not, if the hair lifts from the face for some reason (like shiver) it will lift the makeup and can look weird depending on the amount.

And so on...

We also got a cd with 132 slides on makeup, done by the MUFE course.

In the afternoon it was our turn to try the techniques, and again we were organised in pairs. We were to do only half of the face so the difference was most clear. In the next picture you can see what I did on my "client" (^.^) (though i was lucky with her, her skin was already really good)

Stay Gorgeous!

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