Thursday, 17 October 2013

MUFE makeup class of the day!


Just got home from another class of the MUFE makeup course. So tired... Whoever says getting up early is good, never got up early (and spent the day from one public transportation to the other -.-') But enough with the whining!

Today's class was about nightout makeup, and the makeup artist demonstrated how to do a smokey eye with almost only a black eyeshadow.

He gave a lot of information, especially on technique, but one of the things I found most interesting was one thing he said about matte eyeshadow. He started with the eyes and did the look with a glittery black eyeshadow, he didn't use matte because the eye only had HD primer, so it wasn't matte, and matte eyeshadow only works on a matte canvas (can we say matte one more time?). Otherwise, due to its composition, it will absorb any moisture and stain, and the end result it's not the same. So, to work with matte, the eye should have a layer of something like loose powder first.

Anyway, in the afternoon it was our turn to try the makeup as usual. My big critique was my light hand on the black on the bottom... Oh well... just didn't want to create raccoon eyes. And we didn't have to do the skin, just the eye, so that we could alternate between partners and practice as much as we could. Here's one of my beautiful models (^.^)

Okay, so that's it for today... I already have my episode of American Horror Story waiting... Sleep tight =)

And stay gorgeous!

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