Saturday, 19 October 2013

Obsession Of The Moment


Today I went shopping with my mom and in one of the stores something caught my eye, a pair of black Melissa Creepers.

I've seen creepers type shoes thousands of times on the internet, but, believe it or not, never in real life (yes, I live under a rock) and I've never given them much thought. Yet, there they were, chunky, awkward, not exactly beautiful, in the middle of all the other Melissa shoes full of bows and polka dots. I felt drawn to them, almost like I had to save them from all that girlyness and give them all my love. Yet, when I saw the price I slowly put down the shoe, turned around casually and left the store... 90€ -.-''

And only if I had left it at that and gone home, but noooo... I returned to try them (I must have a problem) I loved the damn shoes even more! I felt their awkwardness complimenting my own... But again I left empty handed (it helped that my mom said they were extremely ugly more than once)

Anyway, I'll wait for the sale season and if they are still there then it was meant to be, so until January...

If you have a bigger budget than me and are interested, you can find them HERE.

And you? Do you have any current obsession?

Stay gorgeous =)   

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