Thursday, 24 October 2013

Coolest MUFE class yet?


So it's Thursday, and that means MUFE makeup class. Today was special effects!!! Oh the excitement! In the morning the Makeup Artist showed all the products and textures. I honestly want them all, I felt like a kid again! Playing with wax, and fake flesh, and blood...

It's so liberating... being able to create a big mess on yourself, and stepping away from having to make something pretty. The more disgusting the better. It's all about open wounds, and scars, and bones showing, and I love it *.* (I feel ready to compete on Face Off xD)

So, as the MA said the blood could stain the clothes, I didn't venture as much as I wanted, but still played a little bit, and certainly left eager for more =3

Stay Gorgeous!

V. ♥

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