Thursday, 3 October 2013

Second MUFE class

Hey =)

Today was my second class at the MUFE professional makeup course and, even if I'm feeling super tired, it was really nice.

In the morning we had kind of a skin 101 class, where we addressed the different types of skin, and also different types of skin conditions, with scientific names! Very fancy... Things like freckles, rosacea... That type of stuff...

In the afternoon it was play time! We formed groups of two and did each other makeup. We had 30 minutes to show what we already knew, so that the teacher could then evaluate, and address the problems he saw. It was harsh -.-'' I took more than 30 minutes (most of us did actually), I touched my "client" face too much, I stood on the wrong side (if you are right handed you must place yourself on your client right side, your left) and so on... But it was fun and I'm eager to learn and improve (^.^)

My phone's battery died so I couldn't take a before and after picture, but next time I'll do it.

Stay gorgeous!  

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