Monday, 7 October 2013

Can Converse Be Like Wine?

The older, the better?

One of those days I had to rescue my old, and (very) worn, black converse, from my mom. She wanted to get rid of them... 'They have holes!' She said. She even tried to bribe me with a brand new pair, entirely paid for. Sneaky (¬.¬) But I couldn't... They were with me through so much, and even though I can see the color of my socks when I wear them, there's a warmth on my heart. Kinda like being reunited with an old friend.

I don't even wash them, and not only because they can disintegrate, but also because that dirt is memories. I think pretty much everyone has that pair of shoes, shirt, accessory... that just can't get rid off! Even if you just snuggle on that old T-shirt at night (^.^)

Stay gorgeous!

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