Monday, 30 September 2013

Affordable Makeup

Hey beauties!

Being the youtube addict that I am, I've seen people talk about those 88, 120 etc eyeshadow palettes zillions of times, but I never really got hooked on it. However, recently I've been wanting (desperately) colourful eyeshadows (for no particular reason, my shopaholic side be damned). I've been eyeing some MAC and MUFE, but, even though I'm all up for spending a little bit of money on a customised palette, of my most used eyeshadows, I couldn't justify spending that money on blues and yellows (maybe when I'm a makeup artist *twinkling eyes*).

So I went on BH Cosmetics website and saw the Take Me To Brazil palette. It looked so beautiful, I almost got blinded by so many bright colors. I ordered it, and I also ordered the 88 neutral palette. Again, my shopaholic side... deep down in my heart I know I don't need more neutrals in my life, but it was a bargain. I think i paid around 20€ for both, shipping included.

Top - 88 Neutral Palette; Bottom - Take me to Brazil Palette

 I got them today and they are exactly what I was expecting. They don't have the quality of a high end brand (obviously), and they are kind of a hit and miss. Some colors have nice pigmentation, while others I'm sure I'll need to dip my brush twice, and I also foresee some fallout with a few of them. On another positive note, both palettes have a nice balance between matte, satin, and shimmery finishes, and I'm actually excited to try them on my eyes.

Top - Swatches 88 Netral Palette; Bottom - Swatches Take me to Brazil Palette

I think they are great for someone who is starting to experiment with makeup, or for teenagers, who sometimes don't have that much budget for makeup. So, if you decide to try some, keep your expectations realistic and you won't be disappointed. I mean, they are not MAC eyeshadows, but you can get 88 for the price of 1 at MAC.

Stay gorgeous!        

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