Wednesday, 25 September 2013

No. 1 Post and a little Skincare

 Hey there!

So, for my first blog post (oh, my first blog post… the emotions…) I thought about a lot of things I could talk about, but in the end I decided to go back to basics and talk about something I think it’s even more important than knowing how to apply makeup. We are talking about skincare!

(Pause for reader eye roll)

Yes, skincare, because, if you have a great canvas, pretty much any foundation will look good. You might not even need it! Hell, with great skin you will feel amazing in a neon orange tracksuit and pink crocs! (...Ok maybe that's overdoing it, but still...)

I got to start with the very cliché, mind what you put in your body! It will reflect on your skin. As people would say, you will glow from inside, pretty much like a pregnant lady, minus the baby (although I’ve heard that some days they don’t feel that glowyish).

Drink lots and lots of water, get your vitamins going on, look for A, C and E… (I could write about three posts about diet so I will leave it here. Maybe another time.) Also, lifestyle affects your skin. Things like exercise, stress levels etc… And beauty sleep is not only an expression, so try to get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep.

So, in these past years I’ve learned a lot about skincare, and one of the most important things is to know your skin type. Is it dry, dehydrated (yes, they are different, dry is a skin type, and dehydrated is a condition that can cause dry skin, it is also much easier to treat), combination or oily? You need to buy products that will target your concerns. Just because your best friend bought a moisturizer that completely changed her skin, doesn’t mean it will do the same for you. So look at your clean, unmoisturized skin in the mirror for a moment. There are in general 4 skin types:

  • Normal – Smooth, small pores, cheeks are the driest area (but not excessively), may experience some shine on the T-zone

  • Dry/Very dry – Tight, may look dry or flaky, rough and uneven, small pores

  • Oily – Oily skin, may have large pores, frequent breakouts

  • Combination – Oily T-zone, dry cheeks or spot dehydration, larger pores on the T-zone

And, then, on top of your skin type, you can have sensitive skin, which means it gets easily irritated. But fear not, there are a huge range of products suitable for sensitive skin. Go for nonperfumed and alcohol free. And don’t fall for the dermatological tested, that just means that it was tested and your skin shouldn’t fall from your face if you use it, not that is for sensitive skin.

Ok, so you’ve identified your skin type, now you want to buy the right products. But there are zillions of choices, and you don’t want to spend your hard working money in something that will make you break out like crazy. My advice, go home and do your research, look for reviews in the internet, preferably reviews of people with the same skin type as yours. I like to use Makeup Alley and Sephora Reviews. Also, go to the counters and ask for samples! 

And don’t limit yourself to what you can buy in your country, internet is a wonderful place, full of online  beauty supplies, some web sites even offer free worldwide shipping (can you hear my bank account weeping?).
Here are a few good ones:

 And I think I’ll wrap it here, next time I’ll go into the skincare routine in itself by showing my own (maybe on a video in youtube (*.*) maybe...). In the picture you can see a few of my loves.

If there’s someone who made it this far here’s a video of a hamster eating corn.

Stay gorgeous! 

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