Thursday, 26 September 2013

MUFE makeup course

Hey (^.^)

Hope you had a very wonderful and glam day.
So, a few weeks ago I got into a professional makeup course by Makeup Forever, today was my first class and I thought about doing a little series of posts about how it goes, for people who might be interested.

It's an intensive course of 85 hours, it has a cost of almost 700 € and they give a kit of 150 €, that mainly consist of brushes, a puff and a sponge. Their brushes have an interesting feature, they have a flat end so it can be used as a spatula to scoop products like lipsticks, instead of dipping the brush in the product. (How well this works I still don't know, what I know is that the brushes are super soft)

The super kit ^.^

The first class was more focused in learning about the brand and the products available, their aim, feeling textures and seeing colors and pigmentation. They have the whole MUFE range available in the room for us to use (I heard angels singing when I saw that table). The makeup artist, who by the way was really nice, also talked about the industry, her background, how she got in, gave a lot of tips... Overall the talk was really  interesting, hearing someone that has been in the bizzness for years.

It was also nice to get to know other people with the same passion as me, since I don't have a lot of friends that are that much into makeup (forever alone alert! -.-').
It was a good day and I'm excited about the next class, we will already be doing makeup =D

Stay gorgeous, and here a picture of a little friend that flew through the kitchen window


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