Friday, 27 September 2013

Men and makeup

Hey there (again!)

Yesterday I was talking with a friend and mid conversation he starts talking about a girl that he thought was cute, but after he saw her in a night out, full makeup on, he couldn't look at her in the same way. She was wearing a red lip and dark eye. This got me thinking. Guys drool over photos of famous women that are wearing bold make up, but when it comes to real world girls it scares them.

Why this double standard?

Anyway, they say they like natural beautiful women, but their "natural" is foundation, concealer, contour, blush, mascara and so on... There are tons of 'Date Makeup Tutorials' and they all go for the same soft, generally accepted as pretty, look. But what if you like to wear pin up makeup all the time? Should you compromise and let him warm up to you, before you pull out your winged eyeliner, dark lip and fishnet stockings? Or should he accept you the way you are right away?

Date accepted makeup (and apparently they don't like buns also):

Date non-accepted makeup xD (excuse the hair and my amazing attempt at pseudo-model photo, I was home, it was pouring rain and I was bored) 

Stay gorgeous!

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