Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Most Wanted of the Moment

Well hello there my little loves! :)

Today I bring you a kind of 'My Most Wanted' list of beauty products. You see, I'm at one of those dreaded moments when a lot of the super essential products you have, finish at the same time. So you have to buy them again, at once, which leaves you no money for new stuff... So all I can do is lust after things I can't have, and muster all my self control.

Lucky for me there aren't that many. Even I am surprise... I guess I've been more into clothes this past month... Which I can't buy, also! Fun times! But let's get started! (so many exclamations points! I'm not that excited, I swear!)

The entire Dior collection for S/S 2014! Yes, ALL of it! Well... Maybe skip the eyeshadows, I'm not crazy for dior eyeshadows, but the rest... Oh... Pastel galore mixed with some really bright colours! I love me some pastel. The lipsticks, oh my god the lipsticks! So puuurfect. If you haven't seen it, go check it out. Maybe you have the money for it and you can be happy for both of us. Hint, the coral lipstick and the blue nailpolish *starts to drool*

Now, a little bit more specific. Lipstick shade no. 32 of the YSL S/S collection. I mean... do I need to say anything else? It's a YSL lipstick... I try not be a sucker for packaging, because quality is what matters, yada, yada... But, do I need to say anything else? It's a YSL lipstick! However, wait a minute, I do have one in my makeup collection (and I think I hear it crying at night, because it feels lonely, just saying) and it's really good quality, not the most long lasting, but very creamy. So it's a win, win, situation.

Artdeco Sensitive Fine Liner, because I've been in the hunting for a nice felt tip liner for ages, and never found one I really, really, liked. Don't even know if I'll like this one either, but would like to try it. Heard a couple of people talking about it too, on youtube. And it says sensitive fine liner which is a good thing, because most of those liners are only useful if we want to go Amy Winehouse.

Stilla's Magnificent Metals Foil! This is such an exciting product! Maybe it's the biochemistry in me, but I mean, it comes with a mixing medium. How can that not be exciting? I always get curious about gimmicky products, and this one really looks pretty and shimmery. I wanted the shade dusty rose, but I'm not sure you can get a hold of that one anymore. You might, I don't know because there's no Stilla in Portugal (wakey wakey Anyway, I'll be happy with other shade too, I'm a simple person.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation. Again, never tried it, not even in my hand, but Wayne from Goss Makeup Artist just made me need it! Don't even know what else to say about this one, it's just one of those things. You don't need it, you don't know why you want it, you just know you do.

And that will be it for today my beauties. I need to go and cook something for dinner... Yey...! Hope you had a great Wednesday.

Stay Gorgeous!


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